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Welcome to Granger Community Church

Church at 630 East University Drive, Granger, IN 46530

One church with many expressions throughout Michiana. We are helping people in Granger, Elkhart and South Bend take their next step towards Christ—together.

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in Granger, IN

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  • I have never experienced a better church. I am used to a very small, old fashioned church, so my review may be bias. You walk up and the automatic door slides open. Instantly, you smell the amazing scent of coffee across the room. Everyone is reading, visiting, and talking. They are kind and not dressed up all fancy, and you feel very welcomed. Then you walk across the main lobby and see the auditorium. A live band with full production equipment is set up and ready to play for EVERY service. It's a great experience. Then the messages you get are great. This church will make anyone love going to church. I live 55 minutes away, yet, I'd go to every Saturday service if I could. Bravo, Granger, bravo.

    Added May 14, 2017 by Nick Fugate
  • What a wonderful self-help club and entertainment center! All the fun of going to church without any of the boring and unattractive biblical teaching to get in the way! I'd write more but I am late to my church yoga class.

    Added March 19, 2017 by Seth D. Meyers
  • Have been attending 6 months. My wife and I have never been happier. Could not ask for a better congregation to grow with and learn from

    Added February 04, 2017 by Jared Wagner
  • It's amazing . I've been going there my whole life really brought me closer to God and I got baptized just recently

    Added November 23, 2016 by tt brugh
  • Great church. Very welcoming non-judgmental environment. I'm very thankful to have found this church.

    Added October 31, 2016 by Haylie Johnson
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