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Moderately Funeral home at 12751,Sandy Dr, Granger, IN 46530

Michiana's favorite Pet Boarding facility for past 20 years

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  • I have two dogs and a cat that absolutely love staying at the Kryder Kritter Hotel. The staff is always so happy and energetic, and they give great deals for multiple occupancy. One of my dogs (Maisey) wasn't sure about staying there the first time, as she didn't eat too much during her stay. After a little research I found that it is normal for dogs to do this when they are a little nervous. So, after her second stay she was eating and playing and loving it. I also love the cat room where our little Mica stays, he has made some friends with the cats that live there. I also love the personal attention from the staff when we walk in the door.

    Added July 06, 2017 by A Google User
  • I take my black and tan coon hound to Kryder's 3-4 times a week and every time the staff make my dog and I feel welcome. He is always very happy when going into the building and when he leaves. He crashes from exhaustion due to all of the fun he must be having when he is there. I love this place and will continue to take him there. :-)

    Added March 05, 2017 by Stacy Brunette
  • We are leaving our 3 dogs, today at Kryder Kritter. This will be our 3rd experience. We feel completely comfortable leaving them here. The staff is friendly and well informed. The rooms are clean and do not have any foul odors like some other facilites. Our dogs do not hesitate to walk into the door, which speaks volumes.

    Added October 24, 2016 by Robert Hall
  • Staff was very accommodating and friendly. This place came recommended by a few of my girlfriend's co-workers, our puppers came out of there as happy as can be. No signs of fleas or spots/soars on the puppers. I am happy with the service and will continue to use it. I am not a robot.

    Added September 09, 2016 by John Motyl Jr
  • I boarded my dog here for the first time during the holidays and it's the first time I've walked away feeling totally O.K. about boarding him. I'm picky because I love my pets. Everything was handled professionally, it was clean and loved all the kritters that apparently have permanent residence there. While my dog is microchipped I also liked that the first thing done was to take a photo of Rowdy for their use and this way they know exactly which dog it is and if in doubt, could easily check. I've boarded other places where there is no option of outdoor time and my dog doesn't want to go on concrete so he has come home miserable and with digestive upset for a few days. He was happy when I picked him up which is also good--happy in general, not just to see me.

    I will board here again whenever I need to do that with peace of mind. A friend recommended you and it was a good recommendation!

    Added September 01, 2016 by Sandy Mortenson
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